How to Care for Your Ceramics

Habibi Care

All of habibi pieces are handmade using 100% lead free, food safe glazes and materials. Pieces are created to be both dishwasher and microwave safe. All pieces are designed to be durable, and if cared for the right way, will last a very long time.


Handwashing is always recommended with ceramic pieces. But honestly, I just throw most of my pieces in the dishwasher because #momlife. Only caveat comes to mugs with handles which last much longer if you wash by hand.

If you choose to wash by hand, please avoid abrasive/metal sponges.

Temperature Control

Habibi pieces are very capable of handling both hot temperatures and cold temperatures. However, when a piece is taken from one extreme to the other quickly, it can cause the piece to crack or break (example: removing a dish from the refrigerator and placing it directly into a hot oven). Remember to slowly transition your pieces from one temperature to the next.

Also! If your piece already has a hairline fracture in it, moisture might get in and pop it open. Should still be fine to use but please don't microwave cracked pots.

Ice Cream Scoops and Bowls

Follow all care and handling instructions as regular habibi pieces.

One fun thing I want to note and highlight is the beauty of ceramic pieces in holding temperature. If you place the head of the scoop in warm water, the piece will take on the temperature of the water and allow for easily scoopable ice cream. Same goes for ice cream bowls - keep them in the freezer and they’ll keep your ice cream cold!


Healthy Scratches

If you’ve been using habibi pieces for a while, you might notice some scratch marks from all the love you’re giving them. The marks are perfectly normal and can bring another level of beauty to the pieces. If however you’d like to spruce them up a bit, here are some easy ways that might clear up some of the scratches:

  • Get a scouring powder (Bon Ami or Bar Keepers Friend are great!). You can also make your own by mixing lemon juice with baking soda.
  • Spread powder or paste on the scratch marks
  • Scrub with a wooden brush or the harsher side of a regular sponge for about a minute or so
  • Rinse well and clean again with food safe dish soap


All products are handmade, this results in natural variations in finish and size. All listed dimensions are approximations.

All glazes used are food safe. While all pieces are microwave and dishwasher safe, it is recommended to hand-wash all ceramics, to protect the surface from abrasion overtime.