The Caffe by Mr. Espresso

Nadia collaborated with Luigi and John Diruocco from Mr Espresso to create signature ceramic pieces for an Italian espresso bar called The Caffe

Orchard City Kitchen

Nadia worked with Michelin restaurant Orchard City Kitchen to create custom cocktail cups to enhance dining and bar experience.


McConnell's Fine Ice Cream

Collaborated with McConnell’s to create the perfect ice cream bowl.

McConnell's x ArcLight Cinema

Designed and created plates and bowls for ArcLight's Summer of Caramel Corn Campaign


Betsy Petersen

Collaborated with Artist Betsy Petersen to create fun and playful paint palettes designs.


Nadia creates and designs pieces as part of Madewell’s Hometown Hero Collective.

Odd Fellows Ice Cream

Designed and created a limited edition ceramic ice cream scoop and ice cream bowls the creative Brooklyn-based small-batch ice cream shop, Odd Fellows Ice Cream.

Puur Chocolat

Collaborated with Michelin Chef Ramon Perez to create cozy Shino cups for an exclusive hot coca experience.

Propagate Sac

Designed custom Shino planters for Propagate Sac.


Collaborated with production design and styling company, Concretestem, to create custom pieces for Jim Beam commercial and other production campaigns.

Academic Coffee

Nadia worked with Frank Nguyen to design a signature line of cups for Academic Coffee shop - voted top 5 coffee shop in the Bay Area by S.F. Chronicle. 

Villarosa SF

Nadia works with Noma Chef Harold Villarosa to design and create signature ceramic ware for the new upcoming restaurant Villarosa SF opening Spring 2024.


Studio Table (Fundraiser)

Part of a team that hosted a fundraiser benefiting Seneca to raise funds for the children detained at US boarders during Trump Administration. Raised over $170k.

Together We Raise (Fundraiser)

Involved in several campaigns that raised over $100k for various causes. Led a fundraiser for Palestine benefitting MECA for Peace and raised over $11K in 2 days.

Sweet Pillar

Designed and created a new take on cooking weights that can be submerged in water, used in the oven or on a grill.

Mother Pucking Nature

Created limited edition Mother Earth planters and flower frogs.

MACLA Best Buy Teen Tech Center

Nadia mentors high school students and teachs workshops at the @bestbuy TeenTech Center at @macla_sanjose - a creative arts center dedicated to mentoring and empowering youth from underserved communities. 

Agency : Standard

Designed custom whiskey cups with brand logo for Venice-beach creative agency, Agency : Standard.

Saint Rogue 

Designed custom whiskey cups with brand logo for Venice-beach record label, Saint Rogue.


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