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twinning heart mug set


Guys, the only thing better than a heart mug is a twinning heart mug set (insert: heart breaking emoji). I created a new design to combine femininity with function. Get a set for you and your tiny human, gift a set to an expecting new parent, grandparent and any heart lovers out there. Or just get the set for yourself and have twice the love. Comes in the most beautiful creamy matte white glaze - which is very fittingly named "whipped cream"

Size: adult mug - 4" h x 3" w // tiny mug - 3" h x 2.5" w

Glaze: whipped cream white

PSA: All pieces are made to order - please expect 3 - 4 weeks to ship (though i try to get it out sooner! expedited shipping available upon request.)

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