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cozy twinning mugs


I made these matching vessels as a way to embrace the slowness of life with my tiny human. Each morning we make tea together, read a few books and plan the new adventure of the day. It’s my attempt to savor these fleeting days with little traditions where we can celebrate small daily moments in their entirety. I hope you and your tiny habibi will love them as much as we do.

Glaze: Matte white with natural speckles (each piece will vary slightly with the amount of speckles)

Size: adult mug: approx 4” h x 3” w // tiny mug: approx 3” h x 2.5” w

PSA: All pieces are made to order - please expect 3 - 4 weeks to ship (though i try to get them out sooner! Expedited shipping available upon request).

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